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Exams & Vaccines

At Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every pet deserves a chance to live their best life. We also believe that proper preventive care, including wellness exams and vaccinations, is a key contributor to their long term health and wellness.

  • "We love seeing our clients bring their pets into the hospital for their annual examinations and vaccinations. It is important that we share our passion for preventive health care so our patients can live long and healthy lives."
    - Alana Kitchener, Client Care Specialist
Exams & Vaccines | Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital | Prince Rupert, BC

 Physical Exams

During our physical exams, our veterinarians will assess the health of your pet and address any concerns you may have. If you pet is in for a wellness visit they will perform a comprehensive manual exam to evaluate your pet's health, making sure their strength, coat condition, weight, body fat, mobility, and more are on track to ideal. 

We also believe that by taking the time to discuss your pet's lifestyle and your concerns we will acquire important information needed to provide the best care possible.

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Many diseases can be prevented by vaccinating your pet.

After your puppy or kitten receives their first round of core vaccinations, we recommend keeping them up-to-date with a lifelong regimen of booster shots.

We may also recommend additional vaccines to accommodate lifestyle related risks. 

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Pet Exams & Vaccinations | Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital | Prince Rupert, BC