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Our experienced veterinarians are proficient in a variety of surgical procedures, including neutering, spaying, dental surgery and orthopedic surgery. 

Surgery | Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital | Prince Rupert, BC

Experienced, Thorough Care

At PCVH, we provide a range of surgical services ranging from routine to advanced  procedures.  

We perform a thorough physical exam and preanesthetic testing before every surgery, monitor your pet during their procedure and provide pain medication during recovery. 

We are committed to providing safe anesthesia and pain management for your pet.

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Common Surgical Procedures

SPAYING – This procedure prevents female pets from becoming pregnant and reproducing.

NEUTERING – This procedure is for male pets and prevents them from reproducing.

DENTAL – Dental surgery includes any type of surgery involving your pet's teeth, gums and other oral structures.

SOFT TISSUE – Soft tissue surgery can address a range of health issues not associated with the skeletal system.

ORTHOPEDIC – Orthopedic surgery focuses on correcting ailments and disorders of your pet's bones and joints.

Veterinary Surgery | Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital | Prince Rupert, BC